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Three times published novelist (UK, USA, Australia)

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My Novels

Writing by the Water

My Work: 

Flight of the Mayflower - futuristic Thriller
Writing style: Robert Ludlum. Tom Clancy. Arthur C. Clarke.
Written in the aftermath of 9-11 in a world of global terrorism, climate change, and geo-political instability. Lewis Grant builds mankind's ark called The Mayflower to start a new human colony in the galaxy.

Born in a Storm - modern thriller
Writing style: Robert Ludlum. Dan Brown.
Mackenzie Ja
mes was one of many US Navy pilots who encountered a UAP (UFO) up close. He watched a physical craft perform impossible manoeuvres at tremendous speed without burning fuel. When he discovered a team of young physicists had discovered the method for unlocking mystery of Zero Point Energy, he made a pledge  to protect them from the powerful global forces who would stop at nothing to prevent this technology reaching the people.

KENNY - political/social satire
Writing style: Ben Elton. Douglas Adams.
Kenny is a young humanoid alien serving on the galactic observation star ship Mercurial Blue. His role is to stream Earthling new feeds to the galaxy for the purpose of entertainment.
KENNY knows, as do all the entities in the galaxy, the Earth is destroying itself. Yet, Galactic policy is to not intervene. Frustrated and in defiance of this policy, Kenny hatches a plan to save Earth from itself. He writes a PowerPoint presentation and the ride begins.            

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